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$600,000 for Chicago Construction Worker who Fell at a Job Site

In April 2018, Whiting Law Group, through personal injury attorneys Timothy M. Whiting and Sara M. Davis, secured a $600,000 settlement for a laborer injured at a construction site.

An Unsafe Construction Site

In 2014, a 39-year-old construction worker was delivering drywall to a construction site in Chicago, Illinois. While on-site, the construction worker fell through an improperly covered opening on the second floor of the building. As a direct result of the fall, he suffered facial fractures, a brain bleed, a knee injury, and a shoulder injury. Fortunately, none of these serious injuries were permanent.

Personal Injury Lawyers Fighting for Justice

On behalf of its client, the personal injury lawyers at Whiting Law Group filed suit against the general contractor responsible for on-site safety, as well as against the subcontractor responsible for ensuring that the opening in the floor was properly covered.

Over the course of hotly contested litigation, dozens of depositions, a steady stream of court filings, and an exhaustive discovery process, our firm consistently and aggressively pursued justice for our firm’s client, working diligently to protect his rights and secure fair compensation for his injuries. The defendants consistently denied responsibility for causing the accident that severely injured our client.

A Significant Settlement

As Mr. Whiting and Ms. Davis, both top-rated attorneys licensed to practice law in Illinois and Wisconsin, were preparing for trial, the defense attorneys for both construction firms offered a fair and reasonable settlement of $600,000.00, which our client accepted.

Following the successful win in this case, our client offered in his praise for Whiting Law Group. He was deeply grateful for the years of hard work that Tim and Sara poured into his case, fighting for justice for him and his family at every turn. Our client is going to use the compensation to return to school, to be trained for work in a new career.