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Who Can Be at Fault for my Construction Accident?


The construction accident lawyers at Whiting Law Group, Ltd. understand how difficult it can be to identify the right legal action if you are injured in a construction accident and unclear about what to do next.

Common Mistakes

Construction safety should always come first. Below is a list of some common mistakes that can be made on a construction site. Being aware of actions that may cause injuries may reduce the frequency of the events.

Improper Use of Tools:  Construction workers use dangerous tools that can cause injury, particularly if the tools are not properly used.  If a construction injury is caused by one’s own misuse of a tool, the injured worker can file a worker’s compensation suit. If a worker is injured by another improper use of a tool a worker’s compensation and third party action may be available.  

Failure to Follow Safety Regulations:  All construction workers are required to follow government safety regulations while on the job, and if the investigation into a construction injury reveals the injured party failed to follow the rules then they may share in the legal responsibility.

Machinery Misuse:  Large machines, such as cranes and forklifts, have specific capacities or limitations that, and, if those limitations are ignored, serious injury can occur. 

Inadequate Training:  Many pieces of construction machinery and tools require significant training and government certification in order to operate.  If the injured party was not trained or certified and used the machinery anyway, then they share responsibility for the accident.

Ignoring Warning Signs:  Pedestrians and other non-construction employees can also become responsible for injuries they suffer when walking or driving near a construction site if they ignore posted warning signs or fail to pay attention to construction workers guiding them around the site. 

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