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Four Common Causes of Fall Injuries at Construction Sites

The personal injury lawyers at Whiting Law Group, Ltd. understand how difficult it can be to identify the right legal action when you are injured on the job. Let us help you receive the compensation you deserve. While injuries resulting from falls can vary in severity, here are four of the most common hazards that cause fall injuries at construction sites:

Ladder Misuse: To avoid injuries resulting from ladder misuse, ladders should be placed on sturdy supports and extend at least three feet above the landing. Prior to using a ladder, it should be inspected in case there are cracked, loose, or broken parts.

Poor scaffold construction: Guardrails should be used at all times where there are open sides and ends of platforms. Furthermore, it is critical that scaffolds are constructed according to the manufacturer’s directions to make sure that they are safe and stable for workers to use.

Unprotected sides, wall openings, and floor holes: While some of these hazards are unavoidable during construction, employers should use protective devices such as guardrails and safety nets to ensure worker safety. Openings should be clearly marked.

Unguarded protruding steel rebar: Guards should be selected carefully and used at all times to ensure that workers are adequately protected.

In the event that you encounter any of these hazards while working on a construction site and are injured, consulting with an experienced construction accident attorney can help you determine the benefits you are entitled to and the best way to get them.

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