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How to Win a Slip and Fall Case

This post was written by Torrie N. Poplin, an Associate at Whiting Law Group.

Slip and Fall injuries in stores are more common than many people may think. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2 million Americans slip, trip, and fall in retail stores every year. Premises liability in the retail sector is so prevalent that slip and fall injuries are referred to as the industry’s a $100 million per day problem.

Slip and Fall Cases in Retail Stores

Yet it is important to point out that not everyone who falls in a retail store will have a legal claim against the store. A store may be held liable for injuries sustained in the store or on the store’s property if the store failed to conduct adequate risk prevention or failed to meet the industry’s standard of care.

Retail stores minimize their risks by identifying foreseeable risks of serious injury or death, using safety precautions to prevent slips and falls, or warn customers about these risks. These stores often use mats or floor runners in areas where water may accumulate and it also may use “wet floor” or other caution signs to warn customers of any danger in that particular area. In cases like these, it is crucial to hire the right experts for your case to determine if such actions were adequately taken.

Thorough Investigation Leads to a Winning Slip and Fall Case

At Whiting Law Group, our successful personal injury attorneys have a proven strategy for winning slip and fall cases and other premises liability cases. Our strategy for investigating and proving liability in slip and fall cases against retail stores is comprehensive:

  1. Send out spoliation letters so we are able to obtain any and all camera footage and video that may have been available at the time of the incident.
  2. We obtain documents such as safety manuals, logs of floor inspections conducted to identify hazards, scheduling and reporting requirements, and information about the basic safety training program.
  3. We use the right experts to prove that the store failed to conduct adequate risk prevention or failed to meet an industry standard.
  4. We define the terms as to how the incident occurred. To do this, we use descriptive words and photographs of the scene or a scale diagram to explain precisely how our client fell.

Obtaining all of these documents and using industry experts is the only real way to achieve justice and fair compensation for clients in slip and fall cases. With this detailed and thorough approach, it can be difficult to prove negligence on behalf of any retail store.

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