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Litigating Against Uber


You’ve probably heard of Uber; its motto is “Tap a button, get a ride.”  Uber is an application that helps people find transportation from his or her smartphone.  It’s like hailing a cab from a smart phone.  However, Uber drivers and taxi drivers are vastly different.  Unlike taxi drivers, Uber drivers do not go through the same rigorous training or background checks that taxi drivers undergo.  Taxi drivers argue that ride share companies such as Uber are taking many of their customers due to a competitive advantage caused by less regulation.  Less regulation means more competition and lower prices for consumers.  However, lower prices come at a cost.  Since Uber drivers do not go through extensive driver training programs, the drivers impose a greaterrisk to the public safety. Whiting Law Group is currently litigating a case in California against Uber and its driver for the wrongful death of a gentleman who was killed by an Uber driver’s negligence.  Suing Uber is not an easy task as the laws surrounding the recent startup company are constantly evolving.  It is important to hire an attorney who is experienced in litigating against Uber.  Whiting Law Group closely follows all Uber litigation and is experienced in handling case against Uber.

Whiting Law Group aggressively pursues the full measure of justice for our clients.  It requires that we are prepared and diligent. That preparation and diligence is not limited to our skills in the courtroom. It must begin immediately by conducting a comprehensive investigation and thorough analysis of the collision.  We pride ourselves on obtaining big firm results with a small office approach.  Our talented and experienced firm is able to effectively get the results you deserve in a timely fashion. Our clients are clients for life. We want to help you with any legal problem even if it is unrelated to your injury.

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