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Responding to the SimplyThick Product Recall

Whiting Law Group is working to spread news of the safety recall for SimplyThick baby milk thickener. The SimplyThick gel is added to baby formula or breast milk fed to premature infants. A number of infants have become seriously ill after being fed milk mixed with SimplyThick. The infants suffered life-threatening damage to their intestines called enterocolitis, or NEC, after ingesting SimplyThick’s product.

On June 4, 2011, SimplyThick announced a safety recall for those products manufactured at its Stone Mountain, Georgia plant. The recall followed an FDA investigation of the problem where in more than a dozen babies were found to have suffered death or serious injuries in circumstances involving SimplyThick.

Whiting Law Group is currently representing an infant who developed necrotizing enterocolitis and has died after being fed milk thickened with SimplyThick.

Founder and Managing Partner of Whiting Law Group, Timothy M. Whiting, reflected on the matter:

“The potential injuries caused by enterocolitis are so severe that it is very important that we get the word out about the potential hazards of feeding prematurely-born infants with the SimplyThick gel. We are very worried about the connections between NEC and the SimplyThick product. We are working with other industry professionals to get answers as to why our client, and others, were sickened and/or died after drinking milk thickened with SimplyThick gel.”

If your child became sick or died after drinking formula or breast milk thickened with SimplyThick, please contact Tim Whiting on 877-936-7200, via or use our online FREE CONSULTATION form to tell us about your case.

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