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The True Cost of Daycare in America Today

This blog post is the first in a three-part series entitled When the Unimaginable Happens: Wrongful Death and Injuries of Children in the Hands of Childcare. This post was written by Sara M. Davis.

Trusting another person with the care of a child is one of the most important and difficult decisions many parents will ever make. However, it is a reality that must be faced. About 40 percent of children under the age of five years spend at least part of their week in the care of somebody other than a parent. There are many competing pressures that must be dealt with when choosing the best daycare for a child. The cost must be compared with the quality and availability of care and parents are often forced to choose suboptimal programs for their children.

Unfortunately, the children suffer the consequences and may even perish as a result of deficient childcare. Whiting Law Group has successfully represented several families of children who have fallen victim to such daycare programs. While it is impossible to make the families whole again, we have fought to hold those responsible for the tragic deaths accountable for their actions, working to bring justice and maximum awards and settlements for the victims.

Whiting Law Group is currently representing the parents of an infant who died while at an unlicensed home daycare. The child was placed in an adult bed which had several layers of bedding including blankets, sheets, comforter, and mattress pad and was left unattended for four hours before being discovered, already deceased. The daycare provider was in violation of several state regulations pertaining to childcare.

Whiting Law Group also represented the family of an infant who died after being left to sleep on the floor of an unlicensed home daycare center that had been operating despite being on notice of violations of state regulations. We were able to negotiate a sizeable settlement that provided justice to our Clients without the need for litigation.

So what has led to the current condition of childcare in the United States?

The Significant Cost of Daycare

Unfortunately, economic pressures are often at play when choosing a daycare program. Particularly in the cases of single parents and low-income families, there is a desperate need to find someone to watch the children – parents need daycare programs to be able to work and make a living. However, many facilities are cost-prohibitive.

In the United States, families are expected to cover these costs – childcare is a personal problem that is to be dealt with on an individual level. As our society has shifted away from the traditional stay-at-home-mother family structure, there has been little large-scale support for daycare systems to accommodate working parents.

In order to obtain affordable childcare, many families turn to home daycare. Home daycares are programs run out of the provider’s home and are often cheaper than programs at staffed childcare facilities. In addition, they tend to provide more flexibility with regard to the type of care and the duration of care they provide. With lower costs and greater flexibility, home daycare is a popular choice for families. However, many such daycare providers are unlicensed. At Whiting Law Group, we are all too familiar with the dangers of unlicensed daycare.

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