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When an Injured Union Worker Can’t Return to Work it is Essential that the Full Economic Benefits of the Union Package are Accounted for and Recovered


Union workers are responsible for building our bridges, roads, providing our sewage, plumbing, and electrical and that is just the beginning. Union workers operate large equipment, work from heights, and use explosives and chemical materials. Their jobs are dangerous. Our infrastructure relies on them. When a worker is injured on the job as the result of the negligence of another the worker he/she can often file a claim and/or lawsuit against that party. The damages that are recoverable include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, disfigurement, and loss of normal life. Future damages in each of those categories are also recoverable. Union workers make a higher hourly rate than non-union workers, but the benefits for union workers do not stop there. They also receive medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance benefits. Union workers also pay into a pension for future recovery. If a union worker is unable to return to his employment as a result of his injuries he/she will lose these benefits.

That is why it is critical to hire an experienced personal injury attorney like the lawyers at Whiting Law Group to ensure that all economic losses are included in your recovery. Whiting Law Group works closely with skilled vocational economists to determine the full extent of not only lost wages but also lost benefits for union workers. Over a lifetime, the benefits lost are significant.

In a recent case handled by Whiting Law Group a union laborer was seriously injured on the job site.  His devastating injuries prevented him from returning to work. He was unable to remain in the Laborers Union. Working with an economist, the experienced attorneys at Whiting Law Group were able to get him full recovery. Whiting Law Group obtained the benefits and pension plan for the injured workers union. Calculations had to take into consideration the following:

  • Number of years he would have remained in the workforce;
  • How his wages would have increased over that period;
  • What his pension benefits would have been for the rest of his expected life (based on US Life Tables) following his earliest retirement age (based on the Union Pension Plan);
  • The value of the medical, dental, vision, disability, and life benefits he would have enjoyed under the union plan.
  • These numbers have to be reduced to present cash value to account for the anticipated inflation in the future.

If an injured worker is not represented by an experienced attorney these benefits can be missed or not fully accounted for in a settlement or verdict.

It may also be possible for the injured worker to be retrained to work in a less physically demanding field. The cost of the retraining needs to be calculated and included in the compensation. If the injured worker will make less over his/her lifetime in the new field than he/she would have in the union than a wage differential exists and the value of the wage differential over the workers lifetime has to be accounted for and be included in the compensation.

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