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Unlicensed Childcare Bill to Be Sent to Wisconsin Legislature Committee

Draft legislation for an amendment to Wisconsin’s unlicensed childcare law has been produced and is soon to be sent to a legislative committee for consideration. This new amendment follows Whiting Law Group’s successful wrongful death litigation of the tragic case involving Reis Lazzeroni. Reis Lazzeroni was a happy two-year old boy who died in suspicious circumstances while in the care of Ilona Nowosad, who ran an unregistered day care in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Following a guilty finding in a criminal case against Ms. Nowosad, Whiting Law Group secured the maximum insurance payment for the death of a minor, as allowed by Wisconsin law.

Since first meeting the Lazzeroni family earlier this year, Tim Whiting and his firm have worked to raise the alarm about the dangers of illegal day cares. Moreover, Mr. Whiting has worked with Wisconsin State Senators Don Pridemore and Spencer Coggs to develop a legislative response to the issue. The draft legislation (Unlicensed Childcare Bill LRB 2907) was produced by Senator Coggs’ office and will be presently be sent to a committee for review and consideration.

Whiting Law Group is eager to hold accountable those who run unlicensed and illegal daycares that can be dangerous in a number of ways. If your child has been a victim of abuse or neglect while in the care of a daycare provider, please contact Tim Whiting on 877-936-7200, via or use our online form for a free consultation about your case.

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