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What do I do if I suspect someone is being abused in a nursing home?

The lawyers at Whiting Law Group, Ltd. understand that nursing home abuse can have devastating consequences on families and loved ones.  Let us help you right the wrongs of nursing home abuse. Call the Police in an Emergency

First, and most importantly, if you suspect that someone is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, and it is an emergency, call 911.  If it is not a life-threatening emergency, contact the police and make a report.  During these beginning stages, it is critical that you work with an attorney experienced in nursing home abuse cases.

Second, report the abuse immediately to the Illinois Department of Public Health.  You can call the Nursing Home Hotline (800) 252-4343 or visit: to fill out a paper complaint form.  Once reported, the Illinois Department of Public Health will start an investigation of the nursing home and look for all health care related violations.  It is important to follow up with the Illinois Department of Public Health to make sure that it started the investigation process.

Additional resources to assist you in reporting nursing home abuse and neglect include Adult Protective Services (APS), which is usually the first agency to respond.  While the role of APS varies from state to state, APS does the following:

  • Investigate reports of abuse.
  • Offer responsive services.
  • Advises on other resources that may be available.

Contact an Attorney

Taking these initial steps are critical, and can help save the life of a loved one.  However, even if you report instances of abuse or neglect to the police or Adult Protective Services, it is important that you seek the advice of an experienced attorney who knows how to handle cases involving nursing home abuse.  An experienced attorney at the Whiting Law Group can assist you in properly reporting the abuse to the correct agency, making sure that the agency follows up and investigates the reported abuse, as well as explore other legal options available to you.

The Whiting Law Group takes a personal interest in every case that comes into our office. If you are looking for an attorney that will give you undivided individual attention, commitment to excellence, and use every possible resource available to help you win your case, then please contact Mr. Whiting directly for a free consultation toll-free at 1-877-936-7200 or by email at There is no fee unless we win your case.