Representing victims of serious harm and death

Board Certified in Truck Accident Law

Board Certified in Truck Accident Law

Concentrating his practice on representing victims of truck accidents, Timothy M. Whiting is a board certified truck accident attorney, by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA). Based on his experience, knowledge, and skill, Tim has successfully obtained board-certification in truck accident law.*

The Value of Board Certification

When a family member or loved one is injured or killed in a truck accident, the challenge of finding the right attorney for your case is daunting. It can be very difficult for family members to discern which attorney has the right knowledge, skill, and experience to thoroughly pursue justice in the complex world of truck accident law.

By submitting to the rigorous NBTA board-certification process, Tim Whiting has proven that he is a leading attorney in the area of truck accident law. His experience and knowledge have been certified by a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that only the most experienced and skilled lawyers achieve certification.

Mr. Whiting has completed all the necessary steps and requirements for Truck Accident Law certification. In so doing, he ranks among the first fifty attorneys in the United States to achieve this designation with the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

A Rigorous Certification Process

The certification process of the NBTA is demanding indeed. The board-certification process includes an in-depth written exam, submission of professional references, verification of extensive level of legal experience within a specific area of law, and more.

Trial and Legal Experience

For board certification in truck accident law, the NBTA requires, among other measures, the following of successful applicants:

  • 30% of an attorney’s case load must involve truck accident cases;

  • Has been substantially involved in at least 25 litigated cases in the past seven years, including at least 12 litigated truck accident cases;

  • Has at least 3 current cases involving trucking accident law;

  • Has participated in at least 5 jury trials that went to verdict;

  • Has examined at least 30 witnesses, including at least 10 liability expert witnesses; and

  • Has actively participated in at least 100 hundred adversarial events over a career.

Educational Experience

To achieve NBTA certification, attorneys must demonstrate substantial participation in continuing legal education and the development of the law with respect to the specialty area.

 For the NBTA, this can be from at least 45 hours of continuing legal education in truck accident law or ethics, or by teaching courses or seminars in truck accident law or ethics; serving as a panelist, speaker, or workshop leader at educational or professional conferences; or writing books or articles published in professional journals, on truck accident law.

Peer Review

Attorneys are required to submit references from twelve different people who can attest to the attorney’s proficiency in pursuing truck accident cases. The references must include:

  • at least one judge before whom the attorney has practiced before;

  • one opposing counsel against whom the attorney has worked;

  • one truck accident expert the attorney has worked with or against;

  • one lawyer who has handled a commercial motor vehicle case; and

  • two who are either judges or attorneys.

 The National Board of Trial Advocacy then vets those references thoroughly.

Written Examination

Attorneys must sit for an arduous written examination to test proficiency, knowledge, and experience in truck accident law. This is a six-hour in-person exam that all successful applicants must pass before certification can be awarded. 

Legal Writing Document

Attorneys must submit a substantial legal writing document, containing concise and accurate writing, stating the relevant case facts, applicable law, and analysis of how the law applies to the facts, all written in an appropriately argumentative and well-constructed manner. The quality of the legal document will be evaluated on those criteria and will determine whether the applicant is qualified for certification.

The NBTA allows applicants to submit documents that include, but are not limited to trial or appellate briefs, motions for summary judgment, bar journal, law review and legal magazine articles, and motions in limine.

Contact A Board-Certified Truck Accident Lawyer

To speak with Tim Whiting about your case, please call his office today on 877-936-7200, or you can email him directly at Tim welcomes calls from both individuals pursuing their case or that of a loved one, and from other attorneys looking to co-counsel with a proven truck accident lawyer.

* The Supreme Court of Illinois does not recognize certifications of specialties in the practice of law and that the certificate, award or recognition is not a requirement to practice law in Illinois.



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