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$650,000 Settlement for the Wrongful Death of a 48-Year-Old Woman

Chicago, Illinois – 08/2006

In August of 2006, Attorney Timothy M. Whiting won an out of court settlement in Cook County Circuit Court for $650,000.00 against Loyola University Hospital.

The deceased, Linda Holmes, age 48, died on December, 2003 as a result of the hospital’s failure to admit her for obvious symptoms of a stroke. She went to the Loyola emergency room twice in less than 36 hours only to be discharged on both occasions. She ultimately had a stroke the day after her last visit and died shortly thereafter.

The hospital argued the standard of care did not require admission for stroke-like symptoms, that even if she had been admitted, there is no treatment for the variety of stroke Ms. Holmes suffered from and that due to Ms. Holmes poor health, her life span was extremely limited regardless if they made a mistake rendering her claim without value.

Attorney Whiting hired two of the top neurologist physicians in the country to fight these defenses and through top notch medical research and legal argument, was able to gain a fair and reasonable settlement on Ms. Holmes’ behalf.

She was survived by her three adult children. Mr. Whiting and the family were very pleased with this result considering the hospital had also hired excellent experts to support their arguments.

The firm has also won numerous cases that were either settled or tried before a jury and resulted in millions of dollars in recovery for the firm’s clients over the past 15 years.