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$815,000 for a Woman Who Fell on a Defectively-Constructed Curb

Whiting Law Group Partner, Sara M. Davis, secured $815,000.00 for a client who suffered a serious knee and leg injury after falling on a defectively constructed curb in the city of Chicago. The Whiting Law Group was able to combat defense arguments regarding the subject curb to prove that it was not constructed according to code thus creating a dangerous condition which caused their client to fall.

The Plaintiff arrived at a large condo building in the south loop to visit a friend. She crossed the street and was walking into the condo building when her left foot caught a defectively constructed curb. This resulted in a dislocated knee which caused the Plaintiff to tear her ACL, PCL, MCL, and popliteal artery. The popliteal artery serves blood to the lower leg. The Plaintiff was fortunate to get immediate medical care. Without immediate medical care she could have lost her leg.

The Whiting Law Group faced an uphill challenge to prove that the curb was built defectively. The city of Chicago had provided a permit of occupancy. All contractors had been off the property for some time. Through the use of experts and various applicable building codes and previsions the Whiting Law Group was able to prove that the applicable curb was not constructed properly and measured only one and a half inches which made it hard to visualize. It also was constructed in a predictable pedestrian walkway.

After several sessions of mediation and as the parties approached trial a fair settlement offer was made and accepted by the Plaintiff. It was a successful end to many years of litigation against multiple corporate Defendants.

The Plaintiff was able to make an excellent recovery from her injuries and return to active employment at full duty.

The firm has also won numerous cases that were either settled or tried before a jury and resulted in millions of dollars in recovery for the firm’s clients over the past 15 years.