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I know that the cases will be handled with the utmost care

I refer cases to Tim Whiting because I know that the cases will be handled with the utmost care. I also know that I’m handing it to an attorney who has a tremendous amount of experience in the area, and most importantly, has the resources both in terms of financing, investigators, expert witness and of course staff.What Tim Whiting brings to the table is essentially a stable, a roster of experts in the area of expert investigators in the area and of people who have dealt with trucking cases from every facet, meaning reconstruction, injury, dealing with the police, getting their cooperation.

All those things I personally experienced when I referred family friends to Tim. They had suffered an unspeakable loss. Two young men passed away after being rear-end by a truck.  Several other people that were in the van were injured, a couple of them quite seriously.

What struck me was the readily available group of people surrounding the Whiting Law Group that knew how to deal with this from every aspect. Immediately an investigation was commenced.  It wasn’t in Illinois – yet investigators were on site in no time, photographing, measuring, retrieving evidence.

Attorney Roger Malavia,
The Malavia Law Firm
Chicagoland Area