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Trucking Accident Experience

Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys

The trucking accident attorneys at the Whiting Law Group have an emergency response truck accident investigation team to preserve critical evidence and data when our clients are involved in a trucking accident.  

We Build Winning Cases for Our Clients

Under the leadership of our firm’s founder, Timothy M. Whiting, we have been fighting for justice for our clients since 2001. More specifically, we have been focused on protecting the rights of those injured or killed in truck accidents. As a law firm, we have secured significant awards for our clients – at trial and in settlements.

While money is no substitute for the harm, pain, and suffering that our clients have experienced as a result of the negligence of truck drivers, trucking companies, and more, our firm is proud to have won millions of dollars for our clients when they needed it more.

Leading Truck Accident Lawyers

 As a truck accident lawyer, Tim Whiting has garnered a national reputation as a leading truck accident litigator. Focused on protecting the rights of plaintiffs, Tim is regularly asked to present at leading truck accident litigation conferences. Moreover, he regularly publishes articles about winning truck accident cases in leading legal magazines and periodicals.

Pursing Justice Across the USA

Given the firm’s success in winning truck accident cases, we have been retained by clients across the USA. With offices in Illinois and Wisconsin, we have secured successful outcomes in many counties throughout these two states. Beyond Illinois and Wisconsin, we have been successful in trucking litigation cases in California and Indiana.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

Tim Whiting and his fellow attorneys welcome the opportunity to discuss the details of your own case. We invite you to tell us about how you or your loved ones were harmed in truck accident – regardless of where that accident occurred. Call us today on (877) 936-7200 for a free consultation about your case.