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We Build Winning Cases

We are committed to obtaining the full measure of justice for each of our clients.

We believe results matter. We have won $140 million in recoveries and win 96% of our client’s cases. We do this by strategically building winning cases through our extensive trial experience and skill, and our significant financial resources, and our top quality investigative and expert resources.

We Care About Our Clients


Commitment. Integrity. Dedication. 

We offer each client small law firm personalized attention with big firm results.

We never lose sight of the fact that our clients are people with real lives. Our law firm treats our clients with respect and dignity by keeping them informed. We care about the hardship our clients endure. We work hard to reduce the stress of seeking justice, so our clients can focus on their health and families.

We Fight for our Communities

We believe a safer community builds a stronger one.

We believe that fighting for the full measure of justice in each of our client’s cases creates a safer community for us all. Whiting Law Group is proud to fight for the safety of our communities, and help feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and raise awareness for the protection of those in need.

Introducing Whiting Law Group

At Whiting Law Group, we are leading truck accident lawyers with offices in Illinois and Wisconsin. As proven trial attorneys, we have won over $140 million in recoveries for our clients. 


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Trucking Accidents

We successfully fight for the rights of those injured or killed in trucking accidents. Our emergency trucking accident investigation team can be on the scene of a crash within hours to collect all the critical evidence needed to make the difference in winning your truck accident case.

We know how to build a winning case. Our knowledge of trucking law, state and federal regulations, combined with our hard work, has produced significant results that have led to millions in jury awards and settlements for victims of trucking accidents across the country.