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The dangers of unlicensed or unregulated daycare providers

Arranging for daycare has always presented working parents and primary caregivers with a significant challenge. The difficult economy, rising childcare costs and inconvenient locations are making those challenges even more difficult for a notable number of families. The difficulties of childcare provision effect both two-income families and single parents alike. (Read more about these challenges in a PDF report from NACCRRA) These difficulties have led to the rising number of parents using the services of neighbors or local people offering to care for children in their own homes for less money, and, more flexible and convenient locations. Although these may appear to be good economic choices, many are not in compliance with very strict daycare standards as put out by child welfare departments in each state. These unlicensed or unregulated ‘sitters’ may be subjecting your child to being severely harmed in several ways.

Parents and primary caregivers need to be aware that an unregulated or unlicensed facility can be potentially harmful to their child. Unregulated and unlicensed daycare providers may not be trained or certified in child safety procedures. Their childcare space may not be suitable for certain ages and will certainly not have been inspected for such by the relevant agency or authority. Furthermore, daycare providers that operate below the radar of government oversight are not likely to maintain appropriate levels of, if any, insurance.

In choosing a daycare provider, parents and primary caregivers are wise to contact their state and local government agencies responsible for child welfare, inquiring as to the regulations and standards for daycare centers. Parents need to be familiar with these guidelines and should work to determine if a provider is licensed and/or in compliance with these standards. Parents and primary caregivers should also check state records for any prior violations. Additionally, asking for references of any local agencies for better business is a key step in thoroughly vetting potential daycare providers that are not properly regulated. More information about choosing a safe daycare provider is available through

Sadly, Whiting Law Group is all too familiar with the dangers of illegal daycare providers. The firm has been retained to represent the family of a baby boy who died in suspicious circumstances while in the care of an illegal daycare. Moreover, Attorney Tim Whiting and his colleagues are working with key state senators in Wisconsin to form a legislative response to their tragic problem.

If your “child has been a victim of abuse or neglect: while in the care of a daycare provider, please contact Tim Whiting on 877-936-7200, via or use our online form for a free consultation about your case.

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